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A book for hippie who love music. :)

Hi, friends!
I've written a simple funny book for recorder learning. Even if you don't know notes well, you can use it.
For a pity, now it's only in russian. Can somebody translate it into english or check my own translation?
You can download the book from here.

If you like the book, please help me to print it. If it wins in voting, it will be printed free.
Vote for the book here.
Just write "№26, kitchy_witchy" and post comment.
Thank you!!!

Also I can offer you my sheet music collection with midi-samples :) They are more than 50: popular, classical, ethnic and for beginners too. And if you'll give me a mp3 on the forum there, I try to write your melody in notes.

The cover of the book is under cut

Sorry for x-posting... It will be very sad to fail in voting, I have no money to publish the book myself :(
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