Astrid (modastrid) wrote in psychedelic60s,

Please help me out here! I'm on a hunt

I'm a huge fan of  mid 60s/ 70s rock band movies. Here are some examples of ones I love, to help you understand what I mean. I also love 60s/70s psychedelic cartoons. Can you reccomend any more of either?

Band films: (not just concerts, but concerts with a plot line/ movie included)

  •  The Beatles Help! Film
  • A Hard day's Night
  • Good to see you again Alice cooper (I love the movie portions with the mad director!)
  • Alice cooper: The Nightmare (not the concert, it's a film with vincent price)
  • Born to boogie: T.rex (I love the random acting and the silliness of the film clips)
  • The magic Christian (That same great 70s film quality with Badfinger doing the soundtrack!)

Vintage 60s/70s psychedelic cartoons:

  • The Point
  • The Yellow Submarine
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