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Florida Boho-hip-Kids

Hi Im chardonnay...my rainbow name is Little Wing or Sometimes Grape Juice. I just join this community today b/c i was looking for other freethinking and like minded people who reside in florida. Im 20 and I go to USF! I attended my first Rainbow Gathering in 2006 and since then i have wanted to go on the Trail worst then anything, but decided i'd wait until i graduate from school and do the weekend/ summer warrior for now. I wanted to create a way to get the young florida hippie/ Boho enthusiast to unite and communitcate and network in order to promote peace and understanding within our generation.

I've devsed this plan....

I created a Community for people interested in creating a Tribe for the rainbow gathering in ocala Fl Feb 2009. It's a gathering where free thinking people of all kinds go to share good vibes and meditate/ pray for peace. If in anyone is interested stop by and give it a read up, join, and network. More information will be avaliable soon.
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